Posted October, 2019

Delicious and colorful food is enriched by mutual learning. As globalization tends to bring foreign cultures closer together, they interact and learn from each other. This has been the increasing trend of the international fine dining industry in recent years.

The gradual expansion of China’s fine dining market has made the issue of food industry a focus issue in a broad way. Questions such as how chefs in China purchase their ingredients, locally or from abroad? Chinese food faces new opportunities and challenges on keeping with tradition and yet a drive to innovate. Chefs from many fine dining restaurants will be brought together to discuss not only the above questions, but also share their own perspectives.

In additon, the 2019 TastyTrip Gastronomic Forum has specially invited a number of restaurant operators and food writers to bring their knowledge to the table and to provide different ideas and point of views to discuss the latest topics and provide information on the current fine dinging industry such as: the development of Chinese food industry overseas, and the quality of service.

Chef Andre shared his valuable experience and views on the issues of ingredients, tradition and innovation of Chinese cuisine, brought the most cutting-edge and rich food trends to the participants.