Posted March, 2020

Andre goes back to the very origin of our sustenance - Nature. In the coldest inhabited place on Earth – Oymyakon in Russia, with temperatures averaging -50°C in winter and seemingly inhuman living conditions, Andre discovers how local Yakuts survive on a diet of unique frozen food. Next, he joins the indigenous Ainu tribe in Hokkaido who have lost touch with their roots and in recent years they have been fighting hard to restore their culture. In China, André finds a revival of the 24 micro seasons. He meets an urban-dweller-turned-farmer who has overhauled his life to live in tandem with this ancient wisdom, and learns how the harmonious relationship between man and nature changes one’s philosophy of life.

About the show:
Cooking is Andre Chiang's life purpose, but he is hungry for more. He embarks on a culinary exploration, across 4 continents and 8 countries, to seek a deeper meaning of food and unearth the forces that shape how we eat, in this 3-part series.

In his first destination Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on Earth, Andre discovers a whole new culinary culture born out of human resilience. Andre meets Michelin starred chef Virgilio Martinez, who is passionate in uncovering Peruvian ingredients across different altitudes. Here, Andre deeply comprehends how a plate of food enshrines a remnant of a country's history and tradition.

Lastly, Andre examines what defines the future of food, he meets up with the mercurial Italian chef - Massimo Bottura who actively seeks to address hunger and food waste in his pursuit. And through French food scientist Prof Herve This, Andre experience how culinary activities are experienced at the scientific level and takes a glimpse at the future of food.